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Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Blog, Business

If you have decided to go to a production company to bring your corporate video to life, it is important that you clearly communicate to them what it is you want. You need them to understand your concept and buy into it so that they become as passionate as you are about making a success of the video.

You need to communicate the goal of your video to the company. Is it to launch or support a specific campaign? Is it an attempt at solving a particular problem? What are the key messages about the company that you want to come across in the video? The more of the context that the production company can understand, the better.

If the video is for online use as most are nowadays, then you need to consider what your online marketing aims are: are you making the video for brand awareness, to get SEO traffic and links or to build trust in your brand and so help conversion. Each purpose will require a different approach to both the video production and the marketing.

Who will your audience be? What do they know about you already? Explain what your intentions are in terms of the distribution of your video. Is it for conferences or training? Or are you planning to have it online? Maybe it is for TV?

It helps if you have some ideas about what content you want in your video. Also, you should explain to the production company what you can already bring to the table e.g. locations, contributors or maybe you have hired a celebrity for voice over. You may have archive footage that you would like to be featured in your video or it might be a necessity that the video includes an interview with your CEO. If so, make it known!


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¬†This is an excellent checklist of things to discuss with your video provider, to make sure that they understand your key messages and make you the video you need to promote your business and communicate with your customers. I particularly like the fact that the very first point is “What’s the purpose of your video?” As we always say at Magic Beans, when you’re planning a video project – start at the end. This means that you should take some time to think about what the video is for, who is meant to watch it, and what you want them to do after they have done so. If you’re not sure what your video is supposed to achieve, then sure enough, it’s not going to achieve what you want. Time spent planning your video project is never wasted – you can get much more for your money, and really impress your viewers, by making sure you’re clear on your message, and then letting the creativity follow from there. Call us on 0845 222 0528 for a free ideas meeting to find out how easy it is to get the video you need from a creative video production company.