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Let’s really think this through before we start” is likely the best business advice you will ever receive. Too many video production projects start part way through the process – with a ‘cool idea’, a bad idea, a misguided idea or worst of all, no idea at all. If you haven’t taken the time to properly plan out your production, it will likely fail. By ‘fail’ I mean fail to achieve any measurable business objective. (Being ‘up on your website’ isn’t a meaningful business objective.)

that go into the production of a video. This post was created to provide the reader with a tool for planning a video production as well as to give the reader an appreciation for the many elements and tasks associated with the creation of a corporate video. Your video project won’t necessarily require each of the steps described below. In fact, some projects (i.e. recording an expert talking-head for training purposes) can be quite straightforward and only require a few of these steps. That said, the success of your video project will largely be determined by the time and effort you put into properly planning your project. If you don’t have a great idea and a solid shooting plan in place no amount of production or post-production expertise and experience can save your project. Consider the following before you start your next video project:

it’s also the hardest to cost-justify. It’s relatively easy to cost-out crew, equipment and editing time, but how much is an idea worth? (A lot, as it turns out) … and who wants to pay for ‘planning?’ If you want your video project to succeed consider the following critical tasks that go into the pre-production phase:

What do you want your video to do? To raise awareness? To drive traffic to a landing page? To motivate your customers to buy your product? To influence key decision-makers in your industry? To showcase your company as being environmentally conscious ? To clearly differentiate you from your competitors? To save money on travel costs for training or sales? To educate a new target audience on important issues affecting your industry? To drive prospects to the booth at the next trade show you will be attending? The list is infinite but each business objective should have a matching outcome that you can measure. If you can’t clearly articulate your business objective you are wasting your time and money. ‘Having a video up on your website’ or ‘keeping up with your competitors’ are not business objectives. Determining a business objective allows you to focus on outcomes.  Lack of clear focus is the principle reason why business videos fail.

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to a specific audience.  Unless you are Google or the Catholic Church {merger rumors are unfounded…} you probably have a very narrowly defined audience who can benefit from your product or service. You have to know who your customers and prospects are and you have to differentiate your message for that specific audience. This step typically requires some degree of research. The more narrow the focus the greater chance of success because you can deliver a message that you know your audience cares about. What is the demographic and psycho-graphic make-up of your target audience? What are the needs, preferences and biases of this audience?


Curated from Video Pre-Production Planning Check-list – 11 Steps to A Successful Project – Marketing with Video and Rich Media Blog – One Market Media

What’s the one question you need to ask yourself in order for your video project to be successful?

At Magic Beans, we spend a lot of time planning our videos. And so should you. We do it because a well-planned video project costs less, which means you can get a really stunning high-quality product for much better value than if you went to a large production company. We can help you work within your budget by making sure nothing we shoot is wasted, spending time getting your messages nailed down, and making sure nothing is left to chance. The reason that you should spend a lot of time planning is because, as this article shows, it’s the only way to make sure you get the video you want. And the video you want is the one that makes the viewer react in the way that you want them to – buy your product, support your cause, become loyal to your brand, understand your message. So, before you even think about booking a production company to make you a video, make sure you have the answer to this question: “What do you want to happen when people finish watching your video?”

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