Ten Secrets of Commissioning Great Video No:8

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Blog

Use a Presenter Trainer

Many of our clients want to be the star of their own videos, and this is great – your customers will want to see you and hear about what you do. But, while you’re obviously great at whatever your company does, you may not be so good in front of the camera, and feel that you won’t do a good job. But wait, rather than giving up the idea, consider using a presenter trainer.

As well as being available to front your video for you (see our Taskhub video), and to appear as an extra where needed (see our John Lewis video), our presenter Helena Carter also comes with us on shoots where people who are new to video get some one-on-one coaching before they step in for their close up.

Helena Carter

So, what does she actually do?

Well, some clients want to make sure they get your message exactly right, and for that, they’ve written the perfect script. But how to remember it all? We can provide an autocue, so that the words scroll nicely right in front of your face as you read. But this is a tricky skill, and takes time to master.

You might watch the news and think it looks easy, but believe me, I’ve tried it, and it’s very hard to do well. News presenters really do earn their money, they are almost actors, talking to a black box as if it is their friend, and they do it whilst someone talks in their ear at the same time. But don’t despair, we can help, by giving you a shortcut to natural presentation with a few tips on your style.

Helena will work through the process with you, helping you get your tone, speed and inflection exactly right, and putting you at your ease so that you appear relaxed and confident.
She can also help you edit any script you’ve written, to make it more punchy, easier to read, and more natural. The end result – you look and sound conversational, rather than someone giving a lecture.

Presenter Trainer

We’ve had great feedback. One recent client said: “I didn’t think you’d be able to make much of a difference in a couple of hours, but it was amazing how many things Helena was able to point out, without being patronising. She was really friendly and helpful”
And, if the script itself is causing you problems, let us help with that too. You may be surprised how few words you need to get your message across, and Helen’s experience writing the news means she can help you get to the heart of your message and cut out any waffle.

For a more intensive training session, consider using our colleagues at Master the Media, a professional media training company run by our good friend Sharon Thomas, who often presents the news on ITV London and can give you a full day’s course, learning how to come across well in front of the camera, as well as giving you tips on writing good press releases, and how and when to communicate with news outlets for the best chance of getting your story on the news.