Ten Secrets of Commissioning Great Video No:7

Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in Blog, Business

Think about the value of a video rather than the cost.

Written by guest blogger Paul McCartney of GForce Communications.

Paul McCartney

The result of a quick Google search ‘benefits of using video on your website’ revealed 5, 10, 51 the reasons why video should be used to promote your business.

I have seen many of these lists over the years, lists that include everything from ‘creating a buzz’ to ‘cheap production costs’.

I want to take a step back from the lists and look at the true value video can bring to your organisation from a business perspective.

Video is a great tool to engage a potential client, supplier, distributor or other target market with an organisation, often for the first time.

Based on the premise that you don’t get a second chance to create a first impression there are a number of key areas which need to be addressed.

Some lists advocate shooting video yourself with websites telling you ‘How to shoot your own promotional marketing video’ or ‘Learn how to make your own professional looking business videos’. If a client told you they could make the product to sell for themselves or that they didn’t need the professional service you provide, you would (hopefully) be able to tell them why you could provide them with a better product or service because of your expertise. A good producer will be able to tell a story in a way that makes the message easier to understand within a finished product that reflects the professionalism or your organisation.

Clarity. Know the message you want to communicate. If you have more than one message, make more than one video. Producing three videos instead of one is a very cost effective way to not only address different issues with different audiences, but of building your content library or for specific messages.  Video is a great way to appeal to audiences and is incredibly effective. Some time ago, an article appeared in the Harvard Business Review suggested that people remember 30% of what they see and 20% of what they hear, whilst they remember an incredible 70% of what they see and hear. It is important therefore to make sure the message is clear in order that what they remember is relevant.

Sticky. Video streamed on your website makes it ‘sticky’. In the same way that you want to keep a client or customer engaged when they visit your place of business or you visit them, you should be aiming to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. By keeping them on your site or indeed getting them to come back to your website, you will have a better chance of making a sale as they learn more about the products or services you offer.

Re-usability – A video which has been produced for your website can be used elsewhere. This could be at an exhibition, at and AGM, to potential investors or as a general sales tool.

To find out more about the true value of what a video can bring to your organisation get in touch.