Ten Secrets of Commissioning Great Video No:3

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Blog, Business

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Why small is beautiful

Have you ever wondered why TV news doesn’t repeat most of the delicious gossip and scandal that’s printed in the newspapers? You might think it’s because they’re above all that, but you’d be wrong! The reason is that broadcasters have much stricter legal rules that they have to abide by, and they can’t afford the cost of a huge lawsuit. The newspapers have enormous fighting funds, and often make a decision to run a story simply because the person it’s about probably can’t afford to sue. It sounds awful, but it’s routine behaviour for a lawyer at a tabloid – they don’t make decisions based on the probability that the story is true, they make them based on the probability of the newspaper being sued.

So, if you want to be sure of honest and even-handed treatment from the media, you’re often better off going with radio or television.
By the same token, when you’re looking for the right company to help you through the video commissioning process, it’s easy to assume that a larger company will have better resources, and will therefore treat you better. And of course, the analogy isn’t perfect, because large production companies are not like tabloids in terms of their moral compasses – I’m sure the company you pick will give you professional service and you’ll get the product you want for a fair price.

But, here’s the (somewhat strained!) point I’m trying to make – if you want a company to go the extra mile, and put everything into giving you extraordinary service, then you should look for a smaller, and newer company. This is because smaller companies don’t have the safety net of regular money in the bank. Every single project really matters to them, because they can’t afford to fail. So they’ll always go the extra mile to give you something really outstanding, so that you’ll come back and use them again. And isn’t that the kind of attitude you want from someone working for you?

Small companies are also lighter on their feet. They have a smaller staff, so you can be sure to get the same people on your next project, and they have fewer overheads, so you’ll get a much more competitive price.
So, if you’re looking for the best possible service, with named people on your project that you know and like, at a price the larger companies can’t match, it’s clear that small is beautiful. And if you don’t believe us, just ask our clients!