Ten Secrets of Commissioning Great Video No:10

Posted by on Jan 18, 2015 in Blog, Business, Education, Healthcare, Online Business, SEO

Be bold,more is more

Video is expensive, and we know that it’s a big investment for your company. Which is why, when you commission video, you should get more for your money. Video works on economies of scale. Ask for one video, and you’ll get one price, but ask for two, or 10 or 20, and the cost per video is vastly reduced, because we can shoot a lot of material in a day. Camera people, editors and producers can be given project rates rather than day rates, so if you can be brave and take the plunge into video in a big way, you’ll be amazed how much you could end up with. Think about asking for different versions of your video – one for your website, one to show to prospective clients, one for your staff and loyal customers to say thank you., one for training purposes, and one telling your history, to add value to your brand by explaining where your company started.

Think about a series of videos to be released to your customers on a weekly or monthly basis. Get the whole company involved, so that anyone who wants video can get what they need to continue showing off your USPs to the wider world.

Imperial College Healthcare Charity Video 2If you’re involved in a bigger project, we can really afford to add some pizzazz to your production, commissioning bespoke graphics, using a studio location with props, and spending time working with those taking part in the video to make sure they come across as well as they can. In video you definitely get what you pay for, but at the same time, it only takes a bit more thought to get much more bang for your buck. So, if you’re thinking of dipping a toe in the water of video production this year, ask us for a free ideas meeting. We will inspire you to imagine doing more with your budget, and will show you exactly how we can stretch every pound you spend as far as possible, allowing you to get a standard of video way beyond your expectations.

Blow your competition out of the water this year, and come and make video with Magic Beans. Contact us to find out more.