Ten Secrets of Commissioning Great Video No:1

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Blog, Business

Start at the end

Magic Beans is committed to helping small businesses, and because of this, we quite often talk to people who haven’t commissioned video before.
So, here are some tips if you’re thinking to yourself “we need a video”, but you don’t know where to start:

Magic Beans Video Shoot

1. Start at the end
Video is expensive, but it more than pays for itself if you use it properly. So, your first thought should be ‘what do I want this video to achieve?’
You need to be clear about whether you’re selling, gathering a community together, or just building your brand.
Your second thought should be: ‘how can I make sure all our key people see it?’
There’s no point making an amazing video showcasing your fantastic new product, service or message if no-one’s watching. So, have you got a group of people desperate to hear about what you’re going to do next? If not, talk to us about some social media training, and we’ll help you grow your community, so that when you launch your spectacular video upon an unsuspecting world, plenty of people see it and pass it on. Hey, you never know, if it’s different, new or fun enough, it might even ‘go viral’, and that’s what we all want these days, right?

2. Make sure you have all your key messages (like ducks) in a row
The best way to make a video that gets all your key messages across is to be very clear with us about what those messages are.
We are pretty awesome in many ways, and great listeners when it comes to you telling us what you want, but we aren’t mind readers. To spend your money in the smartest way possible, do a bit of work up front so that you know exactly what you want your video to say to your customers, your workforce, or your donors.
That way, we have the best chance of giving you exactly what you want, and that makes us happy.

3. More is more
There are some basic costs to creating an amazing video, and they are subject to economies of scale. So, if you’ve got a cameraman for a day, and a video editor for a week, why not have two videos, or three, or ten? As long as you can help us get all the right people together for a shoot day, you’ll be amazed at how much content we can give you. And once that content is ‘in the can’ as they say in the business (I have to admit, we’ve never said that), think about using the same rushes (raw material) over and over again – we can edit and re-edit different versions of your videos to keep them up to date and make sure your message is perfectly honed for each audience. Or, we can split up a longer message into ten key points of a minute each, which you can use to email people or reveal on your website to keep your visitors coming back.

Magic Beans Video 2

4. No eye deer
Don’t know where to start? Why not book one of our free ideas meetings, where we can come to you and talk you through the whole process, explaining how video can work for you, brainstorm some creative ideas, and talk you through the way a shoot day works.
We can talk you through the use of archive, music, animation or aerial shots to give your video the ‘wow’ factor, and explain how we put it together, and how you can be involved from start to finish. That’s the Magic Beans way, and you won’t get that from every corporate video company. Just so you know!

5. Media training
We work with an excellent media training company, so if you’ve ever wondered how your message could translate onto the TV news, ask us about one of our media training days. We can get your staff equipped to handle a crisis, or get your stories in front of the news editor at TV stations, radio and newspapers. We can teach your people
– how to write good press releases for TV newsrooms
– how to answer tricky questions from the press
– how to get your people onto prime-time TV
– how you can provide B-roll video that could get used on a TV bulletin

philieas Dog_medium

The main thing is, don’t be afraid to ask. Take the first step and give us a call, and we’ll introduce you to the exciting world of video production. It’s like work, but miles more fun.