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Have you ever found yourself drawing a blank when trying to think of a great location for an upcoming photo or video shoot? Maybe you’re searching for terrain that will make people believe you’re somewhere abroad, or maybe you just want a location that will bring your storyboards to life as you prepare to film your next great production.

isn’t quite cutting it, scouting a location can be a great way to make your video or photos stand out from the crowd. Depending on what kind of shoot you’re doing, you may need to answer several questions, such as:

When done right, location scouting can create an experience and look that will fool almost anyone. There are great hidden gems spread across the globe that can help bring any shoot to life and help save money or travel hassle when dealing with larger crews and equipment.

(Season 3), viewers were immersed in a CIA operation that took place on the borders of Iran and Iraq. Interestingly enough, the entire scene was filmed in North Carolina in a quarry that created a rugged landscape passing as a setting for the Middle East:

Talk with your team and make sure you understand the intention of the video or photos you’re about to shoot. There is always a message or theme that needs to be communicated, and every detail counts. Reference your storyboards and scripts so that your locations align with the story’s theme, which can be set in a exotic location, a different time or era, across multiple galaxies and planets, a small town in Kansas, or maybe you just need a simple urban backdrop and environment to help add more character to an interview.


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The phrase ‘location, location, location’ is often bandied about when choosing a property – but let me tell you why it’s so important when you’re planning a video. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been breezily assured “we have a room booked for you”, and my heart always sinks when we arrive to find a plain white office room with fluorescent lighting. At Magic Beans we try to recce our videos every time, and it’s well worth the time and effort, because unless you’ve made lots of videos before, it’s not obvious what is needed when planning a location for a shoot.
If we’re shooting in your office, we’ll want to make you look good, so rather than just booking an available boardroom, have a fresh look at it – are the walls clean and brightly painted, are there plants, fireplaces, lamps or flowers that can be used to dress the set? Take some photos of people sitting in the room – how does it look? These will be useful to show to your production team when discussion location for the shoot.
If the weather’s nice, consider shooting outdoors – do you have nice gardens or an attractive courtyard?
Have you thought about doing the filming in the main office where your staff work? People look good as ‘set dressing’, and as long as they’re all happy to sit and look industrious in the background, it can give your viewers a better sense of how your business looks.
If you have more questions about how to choose the perfect location in which to film your video, get in touch. with the best creative video production company London has to offer.