The Challenge: To promote a new type of social website - Taskhub - on a small budget, that looked high quality.

The Solution: The video tells a really simple story in an imaginative way, clearly explaining what the website is and how it works... all on a small budget. In fact, we really embraced the social aspect that Taskhub stands for, using our crew as extras, a friend of the client's flat, and even borrowed someone's dog!

The Result:

“Working with Magic Beans was an absolute delight. As if the job wasn't hard enough, I wanted the video to be of a high standard and completed within a week! Everything was thought of and arranged - the storyboard, the actors as well as the shoot itself. It isn't easy finding companies like Magic Beans, but once you do it's a relationship for life.”

Rahul Ahuja, Taskhub

Taskhub Video Production

Taskhub Video Production