Healthcare at Home

The Challenge: To turn a video around in two weeks, working for an agency (ZBP Ltd), its client (Healthcare at Home) and NHS Southampton, to help promote the wide range of care and services that Healthcare at Home provide. Getting across some fairly technical and clinical messages without switching the user off. We also filmed in two locations, one of which was a hospital that had bad lighting, noise and unattractive backdrops.

The Solution: We interviewed seven people, kept the script simple and easy to understand. Using different backgrounds behind the 'talking heads' brought colour and interest, without detracting away from the subject matter.

The Result:

"So pleased to hear that the video was well received and seems to have really hit the spot and the desired objective of generating interest in your services"

Zoe Bedford, ZPB Ltd

"I found both presentations very useful and feedback has been positive. The video was particularly powerful and persuasive"

Toni Mathie - Greater Manchester & Cheshire Cancer Network

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healthcare at home video production

healthcare at home video production