Kip McGrath

The Challenge: We had just one week between shoot day and delivery to finish three videos promoting the competition "Dream A Big Dream" for Kip McGrath, a tutoring company, through the communications company EdComs. We shot so much material that the big challenge was to get all the best bits into 1'30" per video in the time that we had available to us.

The Solution: A shoot at the Eton and Datchet Leisure Club. They kindly provided us with all the equipment we needed for the day - javelins, starting blocks, and even a golf buggy so we could chase the athletes round the track with the cameraman perched on the back, to get some lovely tracking shots.

The Result:

"Helen Casey and her team provided a first class service in arranging the filming of our Olympic hopefuls for Kip McGrath’s Dream a Big Dream children’s writing competition. Helen made the whole process really smooth and the end product was excellent. Helen was incredibly flexible and helpful with any queries we had.Helen and her crew used very creative techniques to film the athletes and the end result was some superb content for the campaign website.
Highly recommended."

Chris Morris, Head of Digital Communication, EdComs

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