Our colleague Jane had a blog. To be more precise, her dog had a blog, about dog-friendly travel, from hotels to visitor attractions. We helped her with this simple video, telling the story of Phileas Dogg, aka Attlee. He really did come from Battersea Dogs Home, so we arranged to go back there and recreate the moment they met. A heritage story doesn’t need to be complicated to tell a compelling story, and we’ve found it never hurts to find a dog or two to star in your video.

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– Meetings, briefings and pre-production
– One shoot day with camera operator, and full kit
– Producer/Director
– Two days editing
– Music clearance
– Simple on-screen graphics
– Post-production – grading and sound mix
– Export and delivery

Turnaround time:

From planning to delivery – 2 weeks

Suggested budget:

From £5,000 + VAT