NASUWT – Strike Videos

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Education


Following the success of Gove v Reality, we were asked to produce two high-quality and creative videos to support the union’s planned strike action. Most of our work is in or near London, but we’re always happy to travel, and for this shoot we went to Manchester to speak to real teachers in both primary and secondary schools about their working conditions, and to ask why they were prepared to walk out in protest at changes to their pay and pensions.

This was our first outing with a piece of kit called EyeDirect, which allows the interviewees to see the face of the interviewer but still appear to be speaking straight to camera, and I think it produces really effective results, so thanks to VMI, who hired it to us.

We used a wonderful local camera and sound crew of Steve Vale and Mick Close who created some beautiful shots of children in the schools we visited. The head teachers were helpful and supportive, but we had to be careful not to interrupt teaching and learning, as all heads are very protective of their schools, and rightly so, as the children have to take priority.

What struck me on this shoot was how much the strain of changes to their working conditions is affecting teachers. In my experience working at Teachers TV, they are the one set of people least willing to talk about themselves – they always want to talk about the children! But you could hear from their stories that many are thinking of giving it all up, because it’s just becoming too hard to keep up with the paperwork, the loss of respect in the profession, and the erosion of the value in their pay packets and pensions. They appeared exhausted by it all.


I get very sad when the media talks about bad schools and bad teachers, as in all my time at Teachers TV, all I saw were professionals trying to do the best for young people in very difficult circumstances, so I was more than happy to help tell their stories for this campaign.

If you would like our help in bringing your story to life, why not get in touch on our contact page. A creative video production can often get your key messages across more effectively than print and still images alone. Or get a glimpse into the way the media works with one of our media training courses – your organisation could be more effective in dealing with journalists if you knew how it went about choosing its stories and producing its bulletins. I’ve spent 18 years in this world, and I’m always happy to pass on some trade secrets!

See the finished video here