The teaching union wanted to put out a defence of its strike action, to explain to parents why teachers felt it was important. We used an EyeDirect, a piece of kit that allowed our interviewees to talk straight to camera, to give a direct eyeline to the audience. This is something you now see a lot in programmes such as 24 Hours in A&E.
Teachers often aren’t keen to go in front of camera, but once you get them talking about their passion – teaching – you really see how much they care about their pupils. Think about using real people to tell real stories when you’re trying to get a message across. It’s much more powerful than just talking about why it’s important.


– Meetings, briefings and pre-production
– Two shoot days with camera operator, and full kit, including EyeDirect
– Producer/Director
– Four days editing
– Music clearance
– Post-production – grading and sound mix
– Export and delivery

Turnaround time:

From planning to delivery – 4 weeks

Suggested budget:

From £9,000 + VAT