The Children’s Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington needs a facelift, and the trust’s charity is raising money for the work. We made this fundraising video to raise awareness of what’s needed. We were lucky enough to get free access to the unit, and the parents told us some amazing stories. If you want to raise money, it never hurts to tug at the heart strings, and this was really easy for us, in a room full of children with inspiring stories of recovery, and some incredible hospital staff working hard to help them.


– Meetings, briefings and pre-production
– Two shoot days with camera operator, and full kit, plus time-lapse GoPros
– Producer/Director
– Four days editing
– Music clearance
– Simple on-screen graphics
– Post-production – grading and sound mix
– Export and delivery

Turnaround time:

From planning to delivery – 6 weeks

Suggested budget:

From £8,000 + VAT