Major Trauma

Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Blog, Healthcare

Story of the shoot

Imperial College Healthcare Charity Video 4

We were approached to produce a video by the Imperial College Healthcare Charity, which is starting a new fundraising campaign to raise a million pounds to help improve its trauma care.

We were given extraordinary access to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, and were able to film in Accident and Emergency, an operating theatre, and the Major Trauma ward. The staff were fantastic, making no complaints as we stuck cameras in their faces as they tried to go about their life-saving work. The hardest part for me was trying to find a place to stand so that I could see what was going on (being very nosy and not the slightest bit squeamish!) but not obstructing the consultants, doctors and nurses.

The charity provided us with a case study, the remarkable Richard Scully, who was a gift to any video producer because of his wonderful positive outlook on life. He’d had a horrible injury to his arm after the truck he was driving became unbalanced and tipped over. He made us all laugh as he described his time in the Major Trauma ward as “like a holiday”, waxed lyrical over the food “I could have had fish and chips every day if I wanted” and said in the end he was sad to leave!

Imperial College Healthcare Charity Video 1

We recently switched our music provider to Synctracks who have some excellent soundscapes alongside the traditional corporate music tracks, so our editor Paula made excellent use of some unsettling sounds at the beginning of the video, as I tried to make people imagine what it would be like if they suffered a major trauma.

Imperial College Healthcare Charity Video 2I was delighted to be invited to the Steam Bar at the Hilton in Paddington to see the video get its debut in front of an audience of consultants and charity donors. It’s always lovely to see your work on the big screen, as so often videos are only used for websites. It’s always worth asking for a second version of a corporate video, so that you have something you can show your staff or board members, and it’s easy for us to provide you with something subtly different to the one you put on the website for your customers.Ask us how it works, and we can show you some examples.

Big thanks to all at the Imperial College Healthcare Charity for giving us a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The video can be seen on the charity’s website.