John Lewis, working with Hertfordshire University’s Heritage Hub, wanted to promote their Heritage Centre, based in leafy Berkshire. They also wanted to explain why their history is so important to the John Lewis Partnership. The archivist, Judy Faraday, is excellent at telling stories around the artefacts and records she holds. If your company has an interesting story, or the founders or employees have tales to tell, these can be excellent tools for promoting, inspiring and selling your company to your own staff, customers or supporters. People like to do business with people, so put yourself into your company story when planning a video.


– Meetings, briefings and pre-production
– One shoot day with camera operator, and full kit, including lights
– Producer/Director
– Three days editing
– Music clearance
– Simple on-screen graphics
– Post-production – grading and sound mix
– Export and delivery

Turnaround time:

From planning to delivery – 2 weeks

Suggested budget:

From £6,000 + VAT