How to Use Video to Market Your Business |Corporate video production video companies london

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How to Use Video to Market Your Business |Corporate video production video companies london

The average Internet user watches an astounding 186 videos a monthaccording to comScore Inc., a global digital market measurement service. This includes news and entertainment clips, personal videos, advertising videos gone viral — you name it.

Video engages people in a way that photos and text alone can’t. For small-business owners, using video in your can bring faces, voices, personality and heart to your operation, while also demonstrating your authenticity. To top that, video in email is said to be able to

Thanks to affordable video and easy-to-use software, video has become a tool that nearly any small business can use to enhance their marketing efforts on any channel. Your videos don’t have to be big Hollywood productions to be engaging and effective. You can even use your smartphone camera to create them. Here’s a quick example:

Not sure what you’d produce a video about? Here are six tips for video production that can help you create informative clips that also reveal your business’s “human” side:

Don’t just tell, show your customers how your business works. In other words, bring your how-to guides to life. In my experience, informed prospects are more likely to make purchases.


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The reason Magic Beans Media offer a free ideas meeting is that it’s important to spend quite a bit of time working out how your video will be used, long before we pick up a camera. This article is a useful jumping-off point to start you thinking about what kind of video you’re going to make and how to approach it. We really like the advice to ‘keep it simple’ It’s tempting when you embark on a video project to try and throw everything and the kitchen sink into the mix, but in a short promotional video, you can really only make three or four key points well – don’t try and say any more than that. If you’d like more help planning your first video project, we’ve created a helpful top tips leaflet, sharing some of the things we’ve learned from working with first-time video clients. For a copy of the leaflet, email us and let us know if you’d like an electronic version, or give us your address and we can pop a paper copy in the post. Or give us a call and book that ideas meeting – you may find you’re ready to take the next step sooner than you think and get one of the best corporate video production companies London can offer working for you – Call us on 0845 222 0528