Garnier – Story of the shoot

Posted by on Aug 2, 2014 in Blog, Business

We were beyond excited when we were contacted by IPC Magazines to create a ‘behind the scenes’ video for a Marie Claire advertorial shoot featuring mothers and daughters. Since we work primarily in video, we are not often present at stills shoots, so it was really interesting to see just how many people are involved to create the wonderful shiny photos you see in magazines.

Garnier Shoot

Our subjects were quite nervous, as they weren’t very experienced with video, so our main challenge was to get them to speak naturally and feel relaxed enough to laugh together, as we wanted to capture the close bond between daughters and their mums. This was also a challenge for us technically, as we wanted our final product to look as high end as the stills photos, but because we were in ‘behind the scenes’ mode, we were moving around a lot between the make-up and photo shoot area, and trying to stay out of the way of the photographer whilst still getting some lovely close-up shots.

We had no area of our own on the set, so we were quite challenged with lighting and background noise – we spent a lot of the day saying “sorry!” as we asked for five minutes of quiet, and stopped everyone else from working. Luckily, everyone at IPC and Garnier were really accommodating, and let us do our bit when we needed to.

Because each couple were so lovely, we were able to get some really nice moments, and cameraman Jason spent a long time getting some fabulous product shots – he has an almost OCD approach to lining things up, so this meant we had really nice quality product shots to use. Garnier also gave us some of their product shots from their TV advertisement, so with a bit of extra post-production, we managed to produce a really high-quality finish, and Garnier were really happy with the result.

See the finished video below.