The healthcare company FirstKind was developing a new gadget that it hoped could help improve recovery times for leg injuries. But, in order for it to work properly, it was vital that the Geko device was fitted correctly. So, we created a ‘how to’ video, to help healthcare professionals who were trying it out.

‘How to’ videos can really help your audience to understand how to use your product, and they’re some of the most viewed videos on the web.


– Meetings, briefings and pre-production
– One shoot day with camera operator, and full kit, including lights.
– Hire of model
– Location hire
– Producer/Director
– Four days editing
– Voiceover artist
– On-screen graphics
– Post-production – grading and sound mix
– Export and delivery

Turnaround time:

From planning to delivery – 6 weeks

Suggested budget:

From £10,000 + VAT