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Digital Babies Video Set

Story of the shoot – Shoot date 7th December 2011

Our brief was to shoot ten pilot films for a project for the NHS, giving straightforward advice for pregnant women and new mums. We were given ten real questions asked by women in a survey, and asked to answer them using both qualified midwives and real mums and dads.

We hired the Waterloo Film Studios in London, and invited a group of pregnant women and new mums along, many of them had babies and toddlers with them, so we needed a few assistants to make sure none escaped!

We wanted a clean look, so we arranged four chairs borrowed from an ITN meeting room, and flooded them with light.

Digital babies Video Set_2  Digital Babies Video Set_3

Our babies (and parents) were all extremely well-behaved, and we tried to keep them well fed and watered throughout the day, so that they didn’t mind us fiddling about getting them in focus and asking them personal questions.

Digital Babies Video_Mum with babyDigital Babies Video_Panel

The hardest part was not shooting babies – despite the old adage about working with animals and children.

Digital Babies Video_panel 2Digital Babies Video_man

No, the hardest part of the filming was trying to make raw meat look attractive for the video “What Foods Should I Avoid?”

We’d been to the supermarket to buy all the items on the list, but although they were in the fridge most of the day, they spent quite a lot of time under the lights sweating while we were setting up the shot.

Needless to say, while most of the props got stolen and eaten by the crew at the end of the day including the eggs, the cheese and the leftover lunch sandwiches, no-one offered to relieve us of the raw meat, which is probably a good thing.

View 2 of the finished videos here.