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Posted by on Nov 22, 2015 in Blog, Online Business

Yesterday saw the launch of the BFI London Film Festival, showcasing the very best world cinema has to offer. And whilst it may not scoop you a gong, film can be a great way of showing off what your business has to offer – studies have shown that customers are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used on your website.  Corporate video not only wins you more customers, but it can drive traffic to your website, get you found more in Google searches, and support your sales efforts.

The problem is that producing a corporate video can seem pretty daunting: perhaps you’re not an aspiring director or you lack a billion-dollar blockbuster budget. Well, the good news is that there are a whole host of options available to small businesses wanting to create a visual masterpiece to bring in more customers, no matter how much money they have to play with.

If you’ve got some money to spend and want top quality results with minimal legwork, getting a professional video production company in to help you can be the best option.

: Professionals work with businesses creating video day-in-day-out. This (hopefully!) means that they have the practical understanding necessary to turn around a great video on a quick turn-around – and without you having to devote too many hours to the process.

: if left-brain thinking isn’t your thing, a good video production company can provide creative input on creating a truly compelling corporate video that will have your customers glued to the screen.


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This article sets out some of the advantages of calling in the professionals when you need corporate video. I would like to add one or two more points. A video, whether on your website or shown to clients on a big screen, is your shop window. A good professional video will immediately mark you out as a good professional company, it’s as simple as that. Bad video is distracting and off-putting. Bad sound, bad lighting and bad presentation will all be noticeable, and will not give your marketing, fundraising or promotional message the polish it needs to raise you above your competitors.

A professional video, on the other hand, is worth its weight in gold. Mind you, I would say that, wouldn’t I? But wait – we currently have a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer, which means that if you buy a full price communications, training or information video, we’ll cut a shorter promotional video for you – for FREE! You can use this on your website, social media and email to let your customers know how great you are, and all for a big fat zero pounds investment. Get in touch with Magic Beans Media to find out more and get the best creative video production company working for you. Email us  or call 0845 222 0528.