Storyboarding a video production | Creative video production London

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Storyboarding a video production This YouTube video about storyboarding gives you a glimpse into how much work is done before a film is even started. The video includes Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson on why he storyboards his whole film before he films a single shot – if you think a storyboard is […]

Why Communicate Through Video? |creative video production london

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Video is the most engrossing and persuasive medium and has exploded as a communications currency over the past few years. Communicating through video gives us an opportunity to show potential clients that we are professional, likeable and trustworthy. This is crucial to growing businesses because it’s proven that people will buy from others that they […]

The Value of Video In Email | Creative Video Production London

The Value of Video In Email | Creative Video Production London

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Video has quickly become one of the most popular ways to share information. According to Mediapost, 90% of consumers watch video online and more than a billion unique users visit YouTube each month, watching over 6 billion hours of video content. As the expanse of faster broadband and mobile access increases, these numbers will continue […]